Advanced Practice Nursing Articles

Bills would allow nurses to offset doctor shortages

Austin American-Statesman, March 28, 2017

While Congress proved incompetent to improve health care, Texas legislators have a golden opportunity right now to dramatically increase access to care. How? By substantially increasing the number of primary care providers. And … it wouldn’t cost a dime. We’ve got a real problem here. According to The Commonwealth Fund, in 2015 Texas ranked dead […]


Solid alternatives to ERs still lacking

Austin American-Statesman, January 22, 2014

On the second day of the new year, I slipped on a rock and fell into Shoal Creek. When I saw the gigantic splash coupled with the look of abject terror on Ian’s face, I laughed out loud. But about an hour later my right arm began to hurt. I looked down and as I […]


Plugging the mental health care gap in Austin

Austin American-Statesman, December 8, 2013

The Seton Healthcare Family’s announcement Tuesday to open the region’s first psychiatric emergency department raises a simple question: How has Austin gotten by for so long without one? The answer is equally simple: Not very well. A patient in an acute psychiatric crisis needs a medical assessment that often requires laboratory or imaging studies to […]


Proposal offers Texans better health care access

Austin American Statesman, February 15, 2013

While Gov. Rick Perry was in California this week attempting to woo insurance, high tech and film industry leaders to the Lone Star State’s business-friendly, low-tax environment, I’ll bet one thing he didn’t mention is the elephant in the room: that Texas ranks last in access to health care. That might be of some concern […]


Toni Inglis Dec. 2012 UT-Austin School of Nursing Convocation Address

Bass Concert Hall, December 8, 2012

Thank you, Dean Stuifbergen, distinguished faculty, friends and families. Congratulations, Class of 2012! Here you are. You’ve completed something extremely difficult, been in school, many of you, your whole lives. You’ve probably questioned yourselves again and again. Something incredible is happening to you right now, and I’ve been asked to delay the moment you get […]


Help health care: Let nurses in Texas do more

Austin American-Statesman, August 29, 2011

Campaigning for the presidency, Gov. Rick Perry touts his record of job creation. What he’s not talking about is his record on health care, which represents a wholesale failure of leadership. On his watch, Texas has held the disgraceful rank of last in access to health care, as well as last in percentage of residents […]


Lawmakers, Doctors Holding Nurses Back

Austin American-Statesman, April 22, 2011

Here’s an idea that wouldn’t cost Texas a dime but would save millions of dollars every year: Remove all barriers restraining nurses from practicing to the full extent of their education and training. No state needs primary care providers more than Texas, which has a severe shortage. Texas ranks last in access to health care […]


Health reform must address primary care shortcomings

Austin American-Statesman, September 11, 2009

As a 30-year neonatal intensive care unit nurse, I know that America funds and delivers the finest high-technology care in the world. But when I admit so many babies of working parents with no insurance and work way too hard to find primary care providers for the babies we send home, I know our country has a terrible problem.


AJN 2004 Career Guide — Nursing the trends: Nurses have more employment options than ever

American Journal of Nursing [2004 Career Guide, pp. 25-32], January 1, 2004

This solicited piece is a broad, comprehensive overview of the state of the nursing profession in the United States.


One Step Forward, One Step Back: Physician supervision requirements are troublesome for CRNAs.

American Journal of Nursing [Vol. 103, No. 1, pp. 91-4], January 1, 2003

“It’s a wash,” says Sally Bass Witkowski, CRNA, BSR, when asked about the recent flip-flop Medicare rulings on physician supervision of certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in hospitals…. “A lot of time, energy, and money were spent by people on both sides of the argument, and for what? Nobody’s job changed.” On January 18, 2001, as […]