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Vaccine fear derails triumph over disease

Austin American-Statesman, April 1, 2014

Arguably the greatest success story in public health, vaccines demonstrate the triumph of human achievement over disease. But during the last decade or so, I’ve watched through my fingers as vaccine risks get more attention than the diseases they prevent. Before I retired from neonatal intensive care a couple of years ago, convincing parents to […]


Plugging the mental health care gap in Austin

Austin American-Statesman, December 8, 2013

The Seton Healthcare Family’s announcement Tuesday to open the region’s first psychiatric emergency department raises a simple question: How has Austin gotten by for so long without one? The answer is equally simple: Not very well. A patient in an acute psychiatric crisis needs a medical assessment that often requires laboratory or imaging studies to […]


The story behind a plaque

Austin American-Statesman, September 8, 2013

Emergency rooms, psychiatric facilities and geriatric units can be pressure cookers for patient-on-worker violence, with nurses bearing the brunt. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 17 RNs are killed while on duty each year. A new Texas law enhances the penalty for assaulting ER personnel to a felony. I wonder if it […]


Emergency rooms often dangerous; new law helps protects staff

Austin American-Statesman, September 7, 2013

On the outside of an emergency department door, it’s a felony to assault emergency personnel. On the inside, it’s a misdemeanor. That is, until now. Last session, Texas joined at least 26 other states to make it a felony to assault emergency room staff. Nurses are the most likely to be assaulted and injured in […]


‘M’ is for the many things moms endure

Austin American-Statesman, May 12, 2013

On Mother’s Day, I think of the moms of the sick and premature babies I cared for in the neonatal ICU for more than 30 years. They all shared these characteristics: • They and their spouses/partners were sleep-deprived — dead-dog exhausted. • They were scared. • Neonatal intensive care was the last place on Earth […]


Proposal offers Texans better health care access

Austin American Statesman, February 15, 2013

While Gov. Rick Perry was in California this week attempting to woo insurance, high tech and film industry leaders to the Lone Star State’s business-friendly, low-tax environment, I’ll bet one thing he didn’t mention is the elephant in the room: that Texas ranks last in access to health care. That might be of some concern […]


Toni Inglis Dec. 2012 UT-Austin School of Nursing Convocation Address

Bass Concert Hall, December 8, 2012

Thank you, Dean Stuifbergen, distinguished faculty, friends and families. Congratulations, Class of 2012! Here you are. You’ve completed something extremely difficult, been in school, many of you, your whole lives. You’ve probably questioned yourselves again and again. Something incredible is happening to you right now, and I’ve been asked to delay the moment you get […]


Proposition 1 would improve care now and in the future

Austin American-Statesman, October 26, 2012

Opponents of Proposition 1 ask why the state doesn’t pay for a medical school here. If we wait for the state, we’ll grow old and die. Both the legislative and executive branches of our low-tax, low-service state have signaled clearly that the burden of health care costs will be shifted to hospitals and local property […]


Whistle-blower nurses see justice in the end

Austin American-Statesman, July 27, 2012

The outcome of the Winkler County nurses’ whistle-blower saga would have ended differently had it not been for three public servants doing their jobs and doing them well. For defending a nurse’s right to act as patient advocate, Assistant Attorneys General David Glickler and Shane Attaway and investigator Randy Muenzler recently received the Texas Nurses […]


Perry shirks his duty on Texans’ health care

Austin American-Statesman, July 12, 2012

Gov. Rick Perry threw Texans under the bus Monday when he announced our state would not expand Medicaid, leaving $76 billion from the federal government on the table. He also refused to create a health care exchange, an online market allowing the uninsured to shop for coverage. You can just see him pounding his chest […]