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The ‘system’ isn’t failing to rescue Texas’ mentally ill. We are.

Austin American-Statesman, June 4, 2004

An administrator of a Central Texas nonprofit rural hospital asked me last week, “What is going on out there? Our ER, and even our general […]


5 Minutes with Nancy McDonald: On serving in the Texas legislature

NurseWeek, March 18, 2002

How did you become involved in politics?

Part of our professional code of ethics tells us that we’ll strive to “improve standards of nursing practice and promote … efforts to meet health needs of the public.” I’ve always taken that aspect of the code very seriously.

During the 12 years that I was a hospital staff and head nurse, I was also involved in local politics. During that time, an influx of foreign nurses pointed to the need for a clearer definition of nursing responsibilities in the Nursing Practice Act. After joining the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Texas Nurses Association, we set to work to rewrite parts of the act and then to lobby the Legislature for its passage.


Social stigma core cause for fewer mental hospitals

Austin American-Statesman, February 7, 2001

The Jan. 29 front-page Austin American-Statesman article, “Is a single psychiatric hospital enough to serve Austin patients?” discusses what’s available for Austinites needing inpatient mental […]